Legacies – God’s Generals and Preserving their Legacies

TEXT: ACTS 8:1-40
M/VERSE: Acts 4:17, “But that it (the gospel) spread no further among the people, let us straightly THREATEN them, that they speak henceforth to no man in this name” (Jesus).


There is a wise saying that says: “It is not good to give gold to those who don’t know the value”. The true Christianity we propagate today, did not come on a platter of gold, a very heavy price was paid by the pioneers. Some were imprisoned, some lost their peace and societal dignity, and others were killed. Huge prizes were really paid. But you seem to see it as a free gift without stress, the value thereof seems to be under-emphasized. This accounts for why Christianity seems to have lost its grip and spread after the Apostolic era. This gave birth to what is known and referred to as the “Dark Age” in Christendom. This same non-challenge gave birth to the dark age which created. room for religious Christianity and had the by-products of mainline churches which were decked with the traditions of men and frivolity towards heaven’s demands as contained in the Bible, brought apathy into real Christianity.

This apathy has transcended into our present dispensation. However, in the 15, 16, 17, 18 and as late as the 19″ centuries when Christianity ventured into black Africa, the missionaries that ensued after the empirical colonists and the vicious slave traders that violated the dignity and sanctity of blacks in the present third world countries, brought diluted Christianity but cleverly supported by pleasant inventories that hastened the acceptability of their offer. Western Education, Hospitals, and abrogation of harmful traditional practices like the killing of twins, attracted the locals, and whites met on the ground. 

But by persuasion and coercion, the locals accepted the Christianity offered them. However, in the 1970s, the Apostolic kind of real Christianity, the very strong force that brought in the Jesus-like, Holy Spirit-propelled kind of heaven-made Christianity, surged to blacks again right from Nigeria after the blood-sucking civil war that ravaged that country, It spread like an uncontrollable wildfire from the Eastern part of that country down to the Western part and thereafter, engulfed the whole nation. And from this country, many apostolic preachers made waves in Africa and the entire globe.


The revival and spread of Apostolic Christianity came with an ear-deafening big bang from Nigerians, propelled by what we can refer to as God’s own brave Generals. They never valued their lives at the expense of God’s glory and the emancipation of humanity from the shackles of sin and Satan with its attendant woes and afflictions. They were so dedicated and decided to the course they were called to champion. They fought a great battle and gave enviable accounts of themselves to the admiration of God’s Celestial cheering angels. They were simply “too much”! These men check-mated the vices in the social setting, harassed and banished demons in the dark spiritual hemisphere, and held the governments of the day accountable for “bluffs” they committed against the land. 

All of that is systematically going moribund with the kind of preachers or pastors we are seeing today. Oh, how are the mighty fallen! God save us! The last laps of these noble Apostolic giants of the Lord our God are what we are seeing today. They are aging too fast and could join their fire-brand Generals any moment heaven beckons on them to come over. But the big question is: After these nobles, what next? You are youths, and that question is meant for you to answer, because, they started as youths like you in the 1970s. 

May the Lord our God, find you as reliable and worthy replacements in the nearest future. In. 9:4-5; Eccl. 12:1-8; 1Sam. 17:1-55, Youths, God wants you to answer the question in Gen. 3:9. Where exactly are you, are you for us or against us? Rom. 8:35-39. Time shall tell the stuff you are made up of The labor of God’s Generals past and the fast-aging living ones, shall never be in vain! Their heroic and historic landmark achievements on earth, will you allow them to rot away? Time shall tell


Some are still alive, but others have gone to the land of “Corn and Wine” (the land of glory). We are talking of God’s own real noble Generals. They went and dropped the still burning candle sticks for us and especially you youths to carry on from where they stopped. can you? With God, you can! We are talking about their Legacies. These are men who cannot be bribed by the world and the devil. Their “No” to man and material, is first and final! They don’t change, they don’t whither. They were and are still ever constant. 

They did not and cannot dine and wine with the devil and this perishing world. Their heartbeat is, “I will decrease, that He the Lord may increase”. Their song is: “IT PAYS TO SERVE JESUS….”. Their duty hymn is: “ON CHRIST THE SOLID ROCK I STAND..” What else can we say of these noble men Some are “sleeping” and some are “awake”! Youths, responsibilities are so seriously laid on you to keep the candle sticks burning until Shiloh comes! So, what shall we be doing now? Arise and cruse ahead dear young people. Rom. 13:11-14, Eph. Jonah 1:1-17, isa. 60:1-3;61:1-4.50, join the chariot of fire to rekindle the hopes of the 1970s lit by the fathers, right in this your own time and season. This is your season!


The button is systematically being handed over to you please play rightly to the succession ladder and prove your worth.

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